The Perfect Mom

Are we really still thinking that’s a thing?


This is me. Trying to figure out how to take a picture on my phone. I was actually on a canoe with too many people while this was happening, which I think makes this picture pretty impressive.P1010063

Then this was the next shot. This is the moment I wanted to capture. This is the one I posted. This is the one that got all the sweet likes and comments. (And you have to admit these two are super cute). But I laugh thinking about all of the moments that happen before we take the best pictures. We all know, I guess in some way, that no one really has it all together, but we are still inundated with images that scream otherwise.P1010066It has been quite a few years since these photos. We were sailing through life with one child. I had started out as a SAHM and thought that without a doubt that my greatest and highest calling was to be 100% totally committed to parenting with absolutely no distractions. And that would make me the perfect mom. Fast forward 10 years and I now work outside the home, with a WAH business on the side, that only child has become a big brother to a new little brother and I can’t remember the last time I took a shower alone. And somehow I am still on a quest to be that perfect mom. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between and I’ve discovered a few things.

I’ve been building my life all these years. I’ve been defining who that mom is in a million different ways, even though it never quite looked how I imagined it. To the mom striving for perfection: You are building your story. You are a beacon of light to your family. No matter how grand you feel your failure is, your love and beauty and tireless, selfless love is even grander. You have the greatest gift in what’s in front of you right now. May those pesky expectations of perfect motherhood slowly fade in the distance as new memories and new pictures flood your soul.

Show the world your terrible morning face as you kiss your little ones. Please show us that you have unmade beds and piles of laundry in the background.

I find it interesting that I have so much grace for everyone but myself. I want to be a woman who can show others that it’s okay to be messy and vulnerable. That’s the kind of mom I want to be. The kind of mom who is perfectly imperfect.

Author: alissalaine

Happily married working wife and mama to a teenager and a toddler.

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